Water Damage Photo Gallery

Louisiana Flooding

Hurricanes and Floods strike close to home here in Texas and we are always ready to mobilize and support our SERVPRO neighbors in Louisiana. We have supported many of the SERVPRO Franchises in many other states as well.

Ceiling Damage and Frozen Pipes

As temperatures plunge during frigid weather, the resulting frozen pipes can burst and pour thousands of gallons of water through a building. An indoor flood will cause considerable damage to the contents, floors, walls, ceilings, and electronics. Your local SERVPRO experts covering the North East Texas, Freeland communities have the training, technology and equipment, to quickly remove the water, mitigate the water damage, and complete any structural repairs. To prevent frozen pipes make sure your plumbing lines and fire suppression lines are all properly insulated. Also, take time to winterize any seasonal properties that are vacant, and inspect them periodically in the off-season.

Hiding Water!

When home or business owners experience a disaster to their property, often the first step is to start cleaning up the water with a towel, mop or even a shop vac. Although this is very common practice, what about the water you do not see? Just because there is no visible water, doesn’t mean that the area is considered dry. It is very important at this time to call on the professionals at SERVPRO® of Paris to make sure your property is properly dried to prevent secondary damage to your flooring, furniture, or even the possible threat of mold growth.

Our crews are available 24/7 to help in the event that something unexpected happens.

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Frozen Pipe damage

This is one load of aftermath from a storm of frozen pipe burst we had in Paris. Unexpected issues in your home aren't enjoyable, but they are common. 

Protect pipes let your faucets trickle to keep pipes from freezing, wrap outside faucets, open cabinet doors in the kitchen and bathrooms.

Vacation Home

No one expects to come home from vacation to find their home flooded by water. When you do come home from vacation and your home has several inches of standing water, we are available 24/7 365.

SERVPRO AirWolf and WolfPack

SERVPRO has a AirWolf that delivers massive concentrated air flow into hard to reach places. It has a connection called the WolfPack that helps with this delivery of the air. It can be used to dry under hardwood also.