Recent Fire Damage Before & After Photos

First Fire for Home Owner!

This smurf has an amazing story behind it! Experiencing a Fire loss is a very traumatic experience. Not only can the structure be damaged but memories could be ... READ MORE

Cooking leads to Fire!

This family’s Paris home suffered from a fire caused by overheating grease. It’s always devastating when a family experiences a house fire, but SERV... READ MORE

A dresser that had fire and soot damage

Wood furniture can be easily damaged not only from fire and heat but from soot penetrating the wood. SERVPRO of Paris uses a ozone treatment to pull out the odo... READ MORE

A Mother's lamp with fire damage

We received a call that tear gas had caused not only a fire but a tragic event. The tear gas had caught a couch on fire which resulted in the loss of a home. Th... READ MORE

SERVPRO of Paris restores Smurf in Esporta machine

This smurf made it's way to SERVPRO of Paris to be restored. He wasn't blue when he got here. This smurf had been through a fire. A State Farm associate called ... READ MORE

Soft items can be restored

This stuffed tiger was involved in a house fire. SERVPRO of Paris restored this cuddly friend back to life. Stuffed animals are often kept as keepsakes. Some of... READ MORE